Hostgator vs Justhost

In simple term Web hosting refers to a service that enables companies or individuals to make their websites accessible on internet. It helps keep your website up and running on internet. In order to have a website accessible in World Wide Web, a web hosting company provides some bandwidth and space to the user. There are various web hosting companies to serve you but before making any decision you must consider what type of website you want to have.

As the online is flooded with plenty of web hosting sites, it’s very difficult for you to select the perfect web host for our website. Among various web hosting companies, Hostgator and Justhost are two names which always ensure customer satisfaction with their cost-effective service and amazing features.

In this following article we try to compare Hostgator vs Justhost based on plans, pricing, performance, reliability and support service.

Hostgator vs Justhost


When it comes to hosting plans, Justhost has one-fit-for-all shared Linux hosting service. The Justhost plan is one of the most cost-effective hosting plans in the market. The one fit for all plan of Justhost will allow you to host unlimited domains, get unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited FTP and email account.

Hostgator has three hosting packages to offer-Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan and Business Plan. The Hatchling plan only allows users to have one domain and one website on a single account. If you want to host multiple websites without spending much, Justhost will be a better option for you.


Known for offering cheapest hosting price in industry Justhost plans start at $2.5/month, while Hostgator plans comes a little costly.

The initial plan of Hostgator, the Hatchling allows you to start building your website spending $3.60/month. The charge varies for web hosting, VPS hosting, Windows hosting and Reseller hosting. Though Justhost offers service charging minimum, Hostgator allows you to select the desired plans of yours from their three packages to suit your need the best.

If you prefer budget over service, you can go with Justhost as it offers ANYTIME money back while there is 45 days money back guarantee with Hostgator.

Performance and Speed

In the price comparison of Hostgator vs Justhost, the latter one has the upper hand for sure. However, in terms of speed and performance Justhost scores a little low than Hostgator for its slower response, inconsistent uptimes and less established time. Hostgator performs well in loading speed and offers outstanding uptime. In this case, Hostgator is seemed to be a better option to ensure that your website is always available on internet.

Support Service

Both the companies have strong support team available 24/7 to help customers via phone call, live chat and email. Hostgator has the largest video library with over 500 tutorials that help customers solve problem or issues easily.

Recommend Features of Hostgator Webhosting

The comparison of Hostgator vs Justhost makes it clear if service matters the most to you, Hostgator is the perfect choice for you. Let’s have a quick look on the points that make Hostgator a better choice.

  • It guarantees 99.9% uptime as the availability of website is their top priority.
  • While Hostgator has been around since 2002, Justhost came into business in 2007.
  • Hostgator uses entirely renewable wind energy to power their equipments. It is the best environmentally sustainable option for web hosting.
  • HostGator has won several awards and hold a rank among the top ten web hosting companies.

By comparing Hostgator with Justhost we can say that Hostgator is the winner. With its long experience, high ranking in customer satisfaction, environmentally sustainable feature and most importantly highest uptimes Hostgator has become the winner in the fight Hostgator vs Justhost.